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Vanhoffontwerpen keenly focus on how a product works, the intuitive movements of the user and the enjoyment of use. Functionality, quality and the relationship between the product and the user are of paramount importance. A chair will always sit well when it is Vanhoffontwerpen. Functionality is more important than aesthetics, but that does not mean form follows function. The designs are icons that capture your heart, often robust in shape, yet reflecting subtle detailing. . .

Together making fire and slowly prepair your food, the lamp you pull it wherever you need it, see where your hot water comes from. Understanding how a product works, self-act, the enjoyment of use. Vanhoffontwerpen embody universal values in products that already seem to exist for a long time. Functionality, quality and the relationship between user and product give the designs there strength.

The products sometimes seem to allude to the past but are relevant precisely at this time. They are social products calling exsting dogmas into question and offering new ways of experiencing daily routines.

Industrial tailoring provides an insightful manner of manufacture, where quality in workmanship and materials is paramount. The designs are made with love: Love of the product, the production process , the user and the purpose.

Whether produced industrially or manually, the perfection and mastery are visible. Quality equals sustainability.

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One of the few places where a beautiful symbiosis arises between artificial and natural are, in my view, abandoned places where nature takes controle again. This collection of planters is made with these thoughts. The hard industrial in combination with the splendor of nature. Where both worlds reinforce each other.

The first series of planters are planted with plants from "The Piet Oudolf Collection"
We think, a wonderful combination.

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This sideboard is an ode to modernism in the early years of the twentieth century, a narrative reference to the time when the designer was a craftsman, using his proficiency in materials, construction, form and function to build products.

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The development of the tile stove was a question of Royal Tichelaar Makkum how produces tiles which mainly are used for architectural applications.

The use of the tiles in the stove provides a nostalgic, Victorian look of the stove. An echo of the time heralded the industrial evolution. The function remains the most important. The tiles provide a gentle distribution of heat from the stove.


How can you as a designer influence the process of exercising a profession that you find fascinating but can not control?

For a project in collaboration with Royal Leerdam glass manufacturer, Vanhoffontwerpen developed an extension for his hands, creating tongs to each piece of glassware with exactly the same measurements for attaching handles.

While all glass products are individually blown with there own characteristics, the industrially manufactured handle fits where needed.

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'Ceramics is suitable for more applications than just cups and vases,' thought vanhoffontwerpen. "What do you think it should be?" Was then the question of Royal Tichelaar Makkum.

The answer is a line of desk accessories with ceramic combined with other materials and existing industrial units. This provides a striking contrast. The actual strength of the ceramics and industrial possibilities, are emphasized, while the known fragility is still intact.

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This lamp turns wholly at ease and the ingenious and fascinating from a mechanical motion. Because of the different joints, there is always a way to bring the light where necessary.

The size of the mechanical moving parts reinforce the industrial character. An existing system is reintroduced here as it still works perfectly.

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This outdoor oven exist from the need to use fire more efficient than just only for the sake of making a fire. Making fire ensures universal pleasure, but is also traditionally used for preparing food. The shape of the stove arose during manufacture, through trial and error was discovered the best means of the heat distribution.

And despite the usefulness and experience the simplicity and robustness of the oven has also a strong aesthetic appeal, making you eager to have it in your garden. It is a social product, the value of the combination of the fire and cooking brings people together.

Vanhoffontwerpen therefore criticizes the ease with which almost all contemporary devices are equipped with a plug while the demand for it not always brings the most pleasant and logical solution. He therefore decided to design devices that not only has all the modern convenience features but mainly stress the pleasure in cooking and the actual experience of your actions. Determine the speed of the process and enjoy the ingredients you have in your hands.

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A blender that also works when suddenly the electricity fails. Dick van Hoff designs devices that are fully adapted to the high quality needs of the modern user but ask more dedication than only control the on / off button. In response to numerous problems, the technological progress made ingenious solutions. Still, you can doubt whether any so-called progress is actually a blessing.

You can take place on top of the machine and create your drawing. All actions taken together form an ever changing print where the machine does not matter anymore, but the cooperation and experience more.

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For the exhibition "Made in Arnhem" vanhoffontwerpen developed a machine that would actually produce something that was made in Arnhem. And all participants could contribute. The wallpaper machine squeaks, rattles and turns together while a wallpaper pattern start to exist.

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Existing products can be learn full. A porcelain socket is the basic ingredient of this lamp. But rather, as usual, adding a cap to the socket and thereby hide it the shade and socket are out off one piece and both visible. The special material use shown in its best way and the electrical wire is a natural decoration.

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Appliances are often aloof and automated design, making the product almost in the background of the household disappearing.
A power switch thats al there is left. Any kind of extra effort will be turned off but this extra effort will pay back later according to vanhoffontwerpen.

The concrete fireplace radiates warmth and shows literally its use. You'll also relate, in the experience of creating your own fire and heat, as in the function.

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TAB STOP [1995]

Why do tabs look like sports cars if you just want water? This stop tab has no unnecessary details and veiled forms but leaves a glance how it works. The rudimentary in its simplicity, shows an industrial character, emphasizes the operation of the tab: the mixing of hot and cold water.

When housing corporation Ymere came to ask for an artwork in a number of newly delivered blocks, the choice was quickly made. Three different plates with house lights were designed for the eighties rebuilt homes, new homes and renovated retro 19th century homes. The ceramic lamps bring new warmth and atmosphere in the street and the many lights in a row to give him depth.

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Vanhoffontwerpen was surprised at the chilly street in what was traditionally known as a cozy and social area "De Pijp" in Amsterdam.

Somewhere on a wire hanging a large bright sodium street lamp across the street. That gives a sense of security, but is less good for social cohesion in a neighborhood. Know your neighbors is a better method then quickly shut the door behind you.

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LEATHER [2014]